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Extended Day Cash Plan

Our extended day cash plan gives you many popular generic drugs for only $70 a year. No insurance is needed!

Even if you’re not in our neighborhood, we offer free delivery anywhere inside the city limits of Lufkin!

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$37 - 6 months | $70 - 12 months

Can’t find your medication? That’s ok. We likely still offer it, just not at this price. Call us and we can get you a price right away.


Why are our prices so low, and the big box stores so high?

We get that question a lot! The answer is we price our generic drugs based on what it costs us to acquire them. Most chain pharmacies price their generics off of what the brand version costs, even if it only cost them pennies to acquire. Because our cost-based margins are low, people can often buy for a longer period of time, up to a year. Therefore, we can cut our mark-up even lower because we’re just dispensing once for the whole year!


Singulair® 10mg #30 retails for about $250 at any pharmacy. We sell 30 of the generic version Montelukast 10mg for $20 while CVS sells the exact same thing for $136.99.

See how that works? If you didn’t have insurance and your price dropped from $250 to $136.99 when you switched from brand to generic you would think you got a great deal, correct? Would you still think it was a great deal if you knew you paid $136.99 for what only cost them $5?!

What about those $4 programs?

They are all the classic retail game of bait and switch! Those stores try to get you in with their ever shrinking $4 list. But get a generic drug not on the list and watch your wallet! WE DON’T PLAY THOSE GAMES!

*TX licensed pharmacy, permit number 12919. All drugs are FDA approved and purchased from FDA licensed wholesalers. Medication list and prices for brand and generic medications may be changed at any time without notice. Prices are based upon a "typical" daily dosage, some daily regimens may not be eligible.